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As a resident in Camden County, you know that the seasons bring quite the variety of weather. However, Haddonfield offers a variety of entertainment options in all four seasons. From a winter day at the Collingswood Scottish Rite Theatre to a summer afternoon Garden State Discovery Museum, family fun is abundant in this New Jersey city.

However, when you want to see what nature has to offer, Haddonfield is the place to be.

See for yourself.

Stunning Parks for All Ages

Are your kids obsessed with dinosaurs? If so, then Pennypacker Park is worth the trip. Offering not only access to the river, ponds, picnic tables and lush, green grass for games, this park is also the historic site of the first near-complete dinosaur skeleton discovery. Learn more about how dinosaurs evolved, lived, and survived in New Jersey while admiring the blooming flowers and spacious green spaces at this local park.

If your kids love to climb and explore, then Mountwell Park Playground is a great place for a spring, fall, or summer afternoon. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it with Frisbee games on the green grass and family fun at the park’s facilities.

When you spend the day at Cooper River Park, you can explore nature to the fullest. Bring your fishing pole and show the kids how to reel in the catch of the day, or take a walk as a family along the wooded hiking trails. Not only are the views stunning, but the quality time you gain is priceless.

More Parks

Haddonfield is also home or adjacent to even more parks, such as:

  • Crows Woods Gardens
  • Challenge Grove Park
  • Maria Barnaby Greenwald Memorial
  • Evans Pond

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