2020 Lawn Care Plan: Three Best Tips for a Healthy Lawn in 2020

2020 Lawn Care Plan: Three Best Tips for a Healthy Lawn in 2020

Having a 2020 lawn care plan is the number one way to finally get the beautiful, healthy lawn that you deserve. By coming up with your lawn care plan now, you’ll be creating a healthy foundation at the beginning of the year. A healthy start to the year sets you and your lawn up for success for the rest of the year.

First Step to a Healthy Lawn in 2020: Proper Fertilization

Having a fertilization schedule as part of your 2020 lawn care plan in New Jersey is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.
The first step to your 2020 lawn care plan is proper fertilization. An improperly fertilized lawn, or a lawn that isn’t fertilized, is much more vulnerable than a properly fertilized lawn. Weeds, lawn pests, diseases, and fungi make their homes in malnourished lawns. It’s absolutely essential to provide your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy.

Having a proper lawn fertilization schedule is something that every lawn desires. In the spring, our New Jersey lawns need help waking up and getting green after the long, frigid winter. The summer brings stress to our lawns in the form of high heat and drought conditions. In the fall, our lawns need to prepare for the winter ahead by having deep root growth and aggressive nutrient absorption. The right fertilizers at the right time give your lawn everything it needs from season to season.

There’s no shame in contacting the professionals. In fact, we want to help. Having a fertilization schedule with the experts at Create-A-Scape takes the guesswork out of creating your lawn fertilization schedule.

Second Step to a Healthy Lawn in 2020: Weed Control

The next step in your 2020 lawn care plan is to focus on getting a weed-free lawn. Weeds are one of the biggest reasons for an unhealthy lawn. They aren’t just ugly, quick-spreading plants. They’re also damaging to the grass around them. Weeds are greedy plants that steal nutrients and water from our hard-working grass. They grow faster than the grass, quickly stealing sunlight and leaving the grass in the dark (literally). On top of all that, their roots spread quickly, stealing space from the grass and causing the overall decline of your lawn.

If you want a healthy lawn in 2020, then you need to add a weed control plan to your 2020 lawn care plan. Attack them early, before they begin to sprout, with pre-emergent herbicides in the early spring. From there, it’s up to you to be vigilant. Watch over your lawn throughout the spring and summer, using post-emergent herbicides to spot-treat the opportunistic weeds that find their way onto your property. In the fall, you’ll need to protect your lawn from the second bloom of broadleaf weeds by using broadleaf weed control. Following these steps will keep your lawn weed-free throughout the year.

Third Step to a Healthy Lawn: Core Aeration

The final step to getting a healthy lawn in 2020 is by aerating your lawn. This process should be done once per year to help relieve your lawn of soil compaction and the problems that come with it. Compacted soil causes water run-off and pooling because the soil is too hard and compacted to allow water to soak in. This means your grass roots can’t get the water and nutrients that they need.

For our cool-season grasses in New Jersey, aeration is best done in the fall. An aerator is used on your lawn to pull out plugs of compacted soil and open up the soil. The loose soil allows water, nutrients, and air to penetrate down to the hungry and thirsty roots. Relieving the lawn of soil compaction also allows the grass roots to dig deep and spread out, further strengthening your lawn and allowing the grass to grow vigorously in the fall. This service is one of the best things you can do for your lawn and fall is the best time to do it.

Invest in a 2020 Lawn Care Plan From Create-A-Scape

If you need help figuring out your 2020 lawn care plan, then invest in lawn care services from the experts at Create-A-Scape. Our fertilization, weed control, and aeration services help turn your lawn green, keeping it healthy and beautiful all year long.

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