Getting Rid Of Fall Leaves In An Environmentally Friendly Way

Getting Rid Of Fall Leaves In An Environmentally Friendly Way

Fall is a beautiful time of the year where the heat of the summer lets up and the trees start to put on their annual show of colors. It’s a time of year that conjures images of cool strolls in the park, pumpkins, and apple cider. But for many homeowners, it also conjures images of leaves and lots of hard work. One of the biggest problems with raking is what to do with the leaves. Most people either burn them or put them in bags and leave them for the garbage to pick up, but there are better more eco-friendly ways to dispose of your leaves.

DIY Mulch

The easiest way to dispose of fall leaves is to turn them into mulch. Just mow over your leaves with the lawnmower to cut up the leaves into smaller pieces. Chop them up a few more times until the pieces are very small. This new mulch will settle under the grass and give it a nice layer of fertilizer. It can also help your grass retain more moisture keeping it greener longer.

Keep in mind that this technique shouldn’t be done if your grass is completely covered in leaves. You want to rake or mow regularly as the leaves fall and not wait until they have all dropped. Thick layers of leaves on your grass can kill your grass and provide a space for mold and fungus to grow.

Compost Fall LeavesOne environmentally friendly way to get rid of fall leaves in Haddonfield, NJ is to compost them.

Don’t waste money on pricey fertilizers. Composting fall eaves can provide your plants with the nutrients they need and the best part is, it’s free! All you need is a bunch of leaves and a place to store them out of the way so they can decompose. By the time spring arrives, you should have rich, moist mulch that you can apply to:

  • Flower beds
  • Gardens
  • Around trees and shrubs

Create a New Garden

Starting a garden from scratch can be a real pain. Cutting and ripping up sod is exhausting and break breaking. Here is a clever way to turn your leaves into a new garden. How? It’s easy!

All you need is to find the spot you want to be your new garden. Layer the area with alternating layers of leaves, grass clippings, newspapers, and cardboard. Over the winter the weight and moisture of the snow will help decompose the organic matter and kill the grass underneath. By the time spring arrives, you will have a garden with nice fluffy soil ready for planting.

Burning Leaves Is Bad For The Environment

We’ve all done it, especially when we were younger. It was one of the great things about fall; raking leaves into one big pile, jump in them a few times, then setting the pile ablaze and relaxing to the fragrant smell of burning leaves. Well, times have changed and most cities have put stiff regulations on leaf burning and for good reason. Burning leaves creates a lot of smoke that is not only harmful to the environment but contains allergens, mold, and soot that can cause health issues in humans. All it takes is a gust of wind to send a few burning leaves off to start a brushfire so please dispose of your leaves responsibly.

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