End Of Summer Lawn Care Tips

End Of Summer Lawn Care Tips

The days are getting shorter and that means summer is coming to a close. Hopefully, all the hard work you put into your lawn this year has paid off. But just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean you should start slacking on yard maintenance. Now is the time to repair any damage your yard has faced and get it ready for fall. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with your late summer lawn care.


Target Stray WeedsDandelions are just one of the broadleaf weeds to be targeted in your late summer lawn care here in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Crabgrass always finds a way to ruin the appearance of your lawn. Now is the time to get out there and target stray weeds before they go to seed and cause you a big headache next spring. By using a targeted spray you can eliminate crabgrass and other weeds without damaging the rest of your grass. Broadleaf weed control is essential to late summer lawn care.


Keep Mowing

You might not need to mow as often in the late summer as you did earlier but you still should keep it cut at a consistent height. Cutting your grass a little higher in the summer can prevent it from drying out so fast during those long dry spells and can also prevent weeds from taking advantage of weak spots. Don’t let your grass grow too tall or you’ll attract pests like mice, fleas, and ticks.


Soak Your Soil

Your grass needs about one inch of water a week in order to maintain its look. It’s important to water your grass enough so that it soaks deep into the soil. This promotes deeper root growth and stronger grass overall. The best time to water is in the morning before temperatures get too hot. It is not advised to water in the evening as wet grass overnight can cause mold.


Aerate and Overseed

Many homeowners don’t understand the power of aeration and overseeding. Over the years your yard’s soil becomes compact from constant use. When this happens your grass cannot get water or nutrients and will show signs of decline. Aeration can solve this problem and when combined with overseeding, can vastly improve the health and look of your lawn. Aeration and overseeding services are paramount to late summer lawn care and will set your lawn up for success in the spring.


Don’t Forget Your Trees And Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can do a lot of growing throughout the year, especially with all the rain we had this year. At Create-A-Scape, we offer tree and shrub pruning and planting services to make your yard stand out from the rest. We can also help with mulching and fall leaf removal.


Grub Control

Of all the lawn pests in New Jersey, the grub is by far the most destructive. These little worms feed on the roots of your grass until they emerge as adult June bugs or Japanese beetles to feed on the foliage of your trees and shrubs. Grubs also attract animals that dig up your yard in search of these tasty insects such as:


  • Moles
  • Skunks
  • Racoons
  • Birds


Hire The Pros At Create-A-Scape

At Create-A-Scape we understand the problems that face lawns and all the hard work that goes into them. That’s why we provide a wide range of lawn care services to make your late summer lawn care easier. Our services don’t end with landscaping, we also provide quality hardscaping services to turn your backyard into your own private getaway.

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