Make A Splash With Water Features

Make A Splash With Water Features

If you’re looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your landscape, nothing turns more heads than a custom-built water feature. Not only are water features the center of conversation but they also bring the sounds of nature to your yard and can even boost your curb appeal.

They’re Therapeutic

Our society has become more and more detached from nature. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we rarely get the chance to experience the natural world. The only time we get to really be in touch with nature is at a local park, but imagine relaxing on your patio Sunday afternoon listening to the gentle cascade of water flowing over stones. It’s like having your very own Pennypacker Park in your backyard. Let all the stresses of work melt away as your waterfall or fountain soothes your mind and relaxes your muscles.

They Attract BirdsA birdbath is a great water feature to add to your Cherry Hill property.

Water features also attract thirsty birds and butterflies. If you provide birds with a constant source of water then you will get regular visitors and even permanent ones if you add a few birdhouses around your yard. You may even get to see birds that aren’t native to this region as they make a pit-stop on their migratory journey north or south. Add some flowers and plants around your water features to attract hummingbirds, turtles, butterflies, and other wildlife. 

They are Very Low Maintenance

Pondless water features aren’t just great for aesthetics, they are also very low maintenance. After installation, they require very little work from you. Because of its moving water, mosquitos and bacteria will have a difficult time breeding in a waterfall or fountain.


Types of Water Features


If you’re trying to keep it simple, a birdbath is the way to go. They can add that bit of interest you are looking for and also help out the local bird population. We recommend a birdbath with running water to prevent mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground otherwise, you will have to change the water every few days.

Rain Garden

A rain garden is an easy way to incorporate or disguise an unsightly pool or puddle in your yard. If your yard is full of clay that prevents rainwater from soaking in, don’t fight it, use it to your advantage. You can keep water flowing by digging drainpipes from your downspouts to your rain garden. Add rocks, boulders, and native plants to make it look more natural and inviting.


Waterfalls are great for creating a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. At Create-A-Scape we specialize in waterfall design and installation. Our experts can help you design a unique, low maintenance waterfall that you can admire and show off for years to come.


They Make Your Yard One-Of-A-Kind

No matter what type of water feature you choose to install, it will boost the interest and curb appeal of your yard. If you are into DIY projects check out these fountain ideas that are perfect for creating memories for the entire family.

Hire the Professionals at Create-A-Scape

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